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Atlantic City Restaurant Deals

Atlantic City Restaurant Deals

We recently visited Atlantic city and did not find any really great Atlantic city restaurant deals, however there are ways to save money on restaurant meals and still have a great meal. We will review some of the restaurants that we visited and let you decide on the value based on our experience. If you know of some really great restaurant deals, then let us know by leaving a comment. Next time we visit Atlantic city we will definitely try them out.

Atlantic City Restaurant Deals

Breadsticks at the Resorts International Hotel and Casino

Located in the casino, but facing onto the boardwalk this is a great place to grab a quick bite. It is a sit down restaurant, but the service is quick and the food is very good. We dined at this restaurant in September in the evening and frankly we were just looking for something to eat and not too large. It was late in the evening and we did not want a large meal.

The waiter quickly understood and suggested that we split a bowl of soup and a salad and then think about what other courses we would like. We asked for the corn chowder soup and he brought it to us in two small bowls, which was exactly the size we were looking for. The soup was fantastic and I will definitely order this soup again. We also ordered a Caesar salad, which he also split for us and again it was large enough to satisfy both of us. At this point we should have stopped simply because we realized that we were completely satisfied, however we ordered the seafood linguine and split that. It was excellent, however there was so much that we could not finish it and this was supposed to be a meal for one person.

While these were not specials, we did save a lot of money and enjoyed the food so I guess this would qualify as an Atlantic City restaurant deal.

Six Restaurant at Bally’s Hotel and Casino

We really wanted to try a buffet at Bally’s. However they have closed their buffet and refer customers to the buffet at Caesars casino. We ended up going to this restaurant on the 6th floor, because they advertised crab legs and steak. All you can eat with a salad and pasta to go with it for $29.99. We certainly had more food than we could handle and it was very tasty as well.

The pasta was actually a seafood spaghetti in a huge bowl. The steaks were a bit over cooked, very lean and tasty. And the crab legs were excellent with lots of hot butter. We found that the crab legs were not split so it is a bit more work to remove the crab meat. However we enjoyed the food very much. We did not save any money at this restaurant, however there was lots of food and we used our comp dollars to pay for part of it.

We probably would not eat there again, preferring to try other restaurants in the area along the boardwalk.

Buffet at the Resorts Hotel and Casino

This was also $24.99 for all you can eat including crab legs. Typical of most buffets, they had a great assortment of foods on display and you certainly would not go hungry or be disappointed. The only negative thing we would like to mention is the line ups.

Go early before 5 pm, or plan to spend at least 45 minutes waiting in line. The seating area is relatively small for a buffet, so there are long line ups at meal time. The crab legs were not split here as well, but they still taste great. We think that this is the main attraction of this particular buffet.

Casino Restaurant Meals and Comp’s

One of the best ways to enjoy Atlantic City restaurant deals is to use your casino slot card at restaurants in the casino. If you play the slots at all, make sure you use a slot card and receive food and hotel room comp’s from the slot card. One meal came to a total of $48.00. It ended up costing us a $1.04 after we used our comp’s. Now that is a deal as far as we are concerned. We were going to gamble anyway. This is a great way to receive something back from the casino for your efforts.

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  1. we were just in Atlantic city this past September as well and really enjoyed it, now with the hurricane they will be a long time coming back to what they were. hope the best for these people in Atlantic city.

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