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Asthma and Colds

Asthma Triggers for Adults Asthma and ColdsOne of the reasons we decided to talk about asthma on a diet web site is that people who suffer from asthma also have a hard time maintaining their weight. Being overweight also contributes to asthma as well. It is a vicious circle that is difficult to get out of. This post is exploring the relationship between asthma and colds from a personal perspective. I have had two severe attacks of asthma in the past two years. Both of them were related to a cold that I started off with. Actually I am not sure if it is asthma or bronchitis. However it does not really matter because both are equally bad  and uncomfortable for me.

Catching a Cold

I caught a cold from a family member. I really did not think much of it other than it was an aggravation. After all who wants a cold, right? It began the way all colds do, a sore throat, runny nose and headache. Next thing I know I am coughing like crazy and finding it difficult to get my breath. The first time it occurred I did not have a puffer or Ventolin treatments to take and so it got quite bad requiring several visits to the hospital.

The second time, I was prepared and took my medications. I still had an attack, but this time it was not nearly as severe. It took almost two weeks for the effects of the cold and the coughing triggered by the asthma to subside, but at least there were no visits to the hospital.

Asthma and Colds

It turns out that colds will trigger asthma attacks in people who have asthma and it is extremely important that these folks avoid catching a cold at any time.  Reading some material available it turns out that asthmatics lack some material that protects the lungs and makes them more susceptible to the impacts of colds.  The lungs and bronchial tubes are irritated and produce mucus to protect themselves. Unfortunately this mucus triggers a great deal of coughing and also blocks the airways. Imagine an airway that is already swollen due to the irritation now plugged with mucus and you are wondering why you cannot breathe!

My personal recommendation is too not ignore a cold. if you are supposed to take a regular puffer to deal with asthma or bronchitis, then make sure that you do take your medication all of the time as a preventative measure. Follow your doctors orders and do not deviate when you are exposed to people with colds. This is the best way to protect your lungs and ensure that they are as strong as possible when it comes to fighting a cold.

Asthma and Colds and Coughing

Whatever you do , do not stop coughing. This cough reflex helps to clear the lungs of mucus as well as the bronchial tubes. You really need to get this stuff out and coughing is the only natural way to do it.  Many people want to stop the coughing, after all they cannot sleep and no one around them can sleep.  It turns out that using cough suppressants is the worst thing you can do. What ever you do , do not take cough syrup or lozenges that prevent the cough urge, since this is the best way to get the mucus in your lungs out.

So What Does Asthma and Colds Have to do with Diets?

If you are busy fighting a cold and worse asthma, a diet will be the last thing on your mind. In addition, you may also find that you do not have the energy you need to be active due to lack of oxygen, hence you will not burn calories as effectively.

If you are trying to diet and lose weight you will have to work that much harder and be diligent about controlling the food you eat and exercise.  It is a tough life but you need to make the best of it.

That’s it for this post. If you want to make a comment or add to what we have posted here , please do so. valid and helpful comments are welcome and will be approved if they are helpful to our readers. For more information about asthma, click here.

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  1. no one wants a cold and espeically if you have asthma. I try to stay away from anyone that has a cold. it is already hard enough to breath without having to deal with a cold too

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