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Are you Watching the Tour de France

I am a die hard fan of the Tour de France. I have watched every episode of this race for the last three years.  Of course I cannot believe these guys have the stamina and the perseverance that they have. Bbeing able to bike for 200 kilometers. As well as climb several mountains in the process to over 6000 feet! It is July and the race is on again. Don’t miss any of the stages, they are all exciting to watch.

I like to bike on a casual basis. At my own speed and occasionally will travel 40 kilometers during an afternoon on a mountain bike. This is about the limit of what I want to do while enjoying the outdoors and the scenery. I admire these guys and the stamina they have, I am not sure that they really enjoy the scenery and the surrounding countryside. More power to them though, they can do this up to the age of 40 or so and travel around the world biking in some of the best countries and the most challenging terrain. They are in fantastic shape and have conditioned their bodies to deliver the power they need to go at top speeds along the sprints and the straight aways.

Tour de France – Safety

Which brings be to another topic that is a favorite of mine. When I go out biking I wear a helmet and comfortable shorts and t-shirt. It is not adorned with advertising and it is not skin tight, it is comfortable. Why is it that many people who have never raced and never will race feel they have to be dressed up as if they are in the Tour de France? Are they biker wannabee’s?  That is what it seems to me. Why not just go out and enjoy themselves and enjoy nature?

This is the approach that I take. I travel along at around 20 kilometers an hour and take in the scenery while saying hello to fellow riders.I sometimes travel along the road, but most of the time I am on bike paths and routinely I am passed by bikers tearing along at top speed on bike paths were there are toddlers on training wheels and seniors out for a walk. What is this? If you want to go fast go on the road and play chicken with the cars.

Enjoy the Ride

Anyway that’s my attitude. I have been asked several times to go with a friend who likes to go a long ways as fast as he can go. Forget it, wake up and try to enjoy live rather than take a chance killing yourself on some road were you are going to fast on a bike. All you need to do is hit a stone or a pothole and your in deep trouble. I think I will write more articles and posts about this subject on this blog, but that is my opinion for the moment.

If you have comments and agree or disagree with me, please let me know and why. I am sure our readers will find it interesting.

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One Response to “Are you Watching the Tour de France”

  1. yes I am watching the tour de France and cannot believe how many riders had to drop out after stage 6. Too many crashes!

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