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American Middle Fork Campgrounds

If you are planning a whitewater rafting trip, there are several options for camping near or on the Middle Fork American river and American Middle Fork campgrounds.  There are a few public campgrounds in nearby Forest hill. Primitive campsites are available in Auburn State Recreation Area by reservation. Wilderness camping (camping outside designated camping areas) can be enjoyed in the river canyon by obtaining a Wilderness Camping Permit.

American Middle Fork Campgrounds – Primitive

There are five primitive campgrounds that  are available in the Auburn Recreation Area. There is  a 30 day total camping limit along the American Middle Fork in this area. Camping fees are $7-9.00 per night, last time we checked, with additional vehicles charged at $5.00 each. There is also a $1.00 fee charged per dog per night. Dogs must be on a leash or secured inside a vehicle or tent at all times. Animals kept in vehicles must be monitored at all times to avoid any possibility of over heating.  Fires are allowed in fire pits, where provided. You should pay attention to fire warnings in the area to avoid starting forest fires.

Wilderness Camping Permits

Most locations also will require a permit before you can camp on these sites. While there is a nominal camping fee, this money is not even close to what they need to manage the camp sites and the wilderness parks. Purchasing a permit is in your best interest for your own protection.

The reason many parks use permits is so that they can keep track of how many people are using their sites and are camping in the wilderness. If there are too many people it puts a lot of pressure on the ecosystem. If someone does not check out when they leave it may trigger a search party to look for them in the area they indicated that they were going to be camping. It is so important to be accurate about were you are going in the wilderness. If you get into difficulty, the first place the search parties will look will be based on the information you provided when you registered at the park rangers station.

Changing Locations within the American Middle Fork Campgrounds –  Wilderness Area

If you decide to change locations in the area while camping, it is always a good idea to advise the camp wardens as to your location just in case there is some kind of emergency. If they need to find you for whatever reason, the first place anyone will look is the last known location. This can make a huge difference between life and death in many situations. Always tell people were you are going, always take lots of water with you and hike with a partner.

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