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Alaska Rafting Whitewater

Over 3,000 rivers, 100,000 glaciers and 39 of the world’s most significant mountain ranges dominate Alaska’s landscape. There are many creative Alaska rafting whitewater itineraries that combine drama with decadence and top-shelf customer service.  Alaska offers Heli-skiing, snowboarding, rafting, fishing, snowcat treks, and premier lodging . As a result this is one of the best places to visit if you are a serious whitewater enthusiast.

Alaska rafting in whitewater conditions or along glaciers are available for the outdoor enthusiast. Many people do not have the gear for these sorts of trips. As a result the good Alaska rafting whitewater companies will provide everything that you need. Bring warm clothes. Also bring a change of clothes. You may get wet.

Imagine canoeing beside icebergs and getting up close so that you can actually touch them. Depending on the time of year and the trip you book, your Alaska rafting trip can include one of these excursions.

Alaska Rafting Whitewater

Some Alaska rafting whitewater trips are actually quite physical, requiring the ability to portage. In addition you may need to paddle with your other raft mates to control the canoes and rafts. If you are concerned about your abilities, discuss this issue with the tour organizers before you book your trip.

An example of an Alaska rafting whitewater trip starts on a train which can be boarded in Anchorage, Girdwood, or at the Portage Station. For those who depart by rail from Anchorage the train may travel south along Turn again Arm for 50 miles. Guests get off the train in the ultra-scenic Placer valley at Spencer Lake. Subsequently after a brief motor transport to Spencer Lake you will have a deli-style lunch are launched in the raft.

Spencer Lake is full of icebergs that crumble in to the Lake throughout the season. The ice is so close you can touch it (however for safety reason it may not always be advisable to do so).

Navigate through the ice-choked Lake the rafts make their way down the Placer River through spirited Class I (maybe II) rapids that are fun but mild. You shouldn’t get wet except for an occasional small splash. After this amazingly scenic float, you’ll get back on the train and return to your point of origin. This trip is really a lot of fun for the whole family! .

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