Ten Best Things to do in Retirement

Ten Best Things to do in RetirementThis is the list of the Ten Best Things to do in Retirement that we recently read and wanted to pass this along to our readers. Basically you can do something that keeps you busy and that you find rewarding or you can help people. Sitting around and doing nothing really does not help you or anyone else that matters. Why not make a contribution to society in some manner? Sitting around being bored is actually bad for your health and will actually shorten your life. Be active and do something that you enjoy and really get into your retirement.

Ten Best Things to do in Retirement

  • Get a job
  • Take up a sport
  • Volunteer
  • Start a business
  • Start a hobby
  • Travel the world
  • Take a year off work
  • Go south for the winter
  • Go to a camp for adults
  • Meet new friends of all ages

Get a job – a lot of people will take a second job after retirement. They make a little money to pay for the extras they want and to also replace the social life that they lost when they retired.

Take up a sport – there are lots of sports that retirees can participate in. Some are expensive such as golf, but others such as bike riding is relatively inexpensive.

Volunteer – helping other people is rewarding. It makes a contribution to society while adding some social activity as well to your life.

Start a business – starting a business is a challenge for many people. Some retirees miss the challenges that work gave them. Starting a small business is one way to replace that loss.

Start a hobby – that hobby you always wanted to pursue but never had the time is ready and waiting

Travel the world – if you have enough money traveling can be a wonderful pastime, provided that you have the budget available to travel in the lifestyle you prefer.

Take a year off work – instead of retiring, take a year off work to see if you are ready and develop some of the things that you will be doing during retirement

Go south for the winter – lots of people cannot stand the winter and love to travel south for the winter where they can golf and pursue some of the sports they enjoy in the summer.

Go to a camp for adults – we are not sure about this one, but you can pick a camp that caters to your interests and meet new people at the same time.

Meet new friends of all ages – take the time to meet new friends, everyone has a story to tell and many are really interesting to listen to.

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