Add New Life to Existing Content

Add New Life to Existing ContentSometimes old content on your blog becomes out of date, the details change, posts are too short and to maintain the value of this content writers should really spend time updating them and tweaking the content. It is time to Add New Life to Existing Content. With perhaps thousands of pages, how does one go about updating this content and keep it fresh? This is a huge problem for large and small companies. They may be limited by staff levels and also want to continue generating new and fresh content. We have outlined a few ideas about how to go about this. Make efficient use of your time and still generate new content aimed at your readers.

Add New Life to Existing Content – Approach to Updating Content

One approach is to add to your daily schedule an objective to update content each day. Perhaps you modify one post per day. Bring it up to current specifications and update the information so that it is relevant to today’s readers. If you have thousands of pages, this may need to be done to many files per day. However, you also must be careful to avoid signaling to the search engines that your content is spam by mistake. Our approach is to update no more than five posts each day. Tweaking them here and there, adding a few sentences, correcting spelling and grammar, etc. We also update the Google Adsense code on these pages as well when Google makes changes to their code.

It may take us several years to get through all of the content. However, that is much better than never going through it at all at the same time. We also are using this opportunity to remove links that are no longer valid or perhaps do not align with our content. With Google’s focus on indexing good quality content, we feel that this is another excellent approach to take over time.

Advertise Your Web Sites Content

You need to advertise as well on your message boards, twitter, Facebook, etc. Get your message out there so that readers are aware of what is available and can link to it as they refer content to their friends etc.

A good time to update old content is when the creative juices may not be flowing. No one can write every day and all day. We get tired, we run out of ideas and it is just too difficult. By taking the time to update old content, you are keeping your old content up to date and you just may get some ideas for new posts from your old content. This is an excellent way to help develop new ideas as well since the process of rewriting content or updating it sometimes gets you thinking about ideas that were not covered in the old content. Depending on the topic, this may be an opportunity to create a new post about this new topic and link back to the original post.

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