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Home Sitting Basics

Home Sitting BasicsThere are lots of companies that advertise that they will look after your home while you are away on vacation or business. But what services do you really need and what should you do to check these people out? This is the most common question that most people ask me about home sitting services. All you need to do is set up a web site and you are in business! Anyone can do that so you need to be careful. We will cover some of the Home Sitting Basics that you may want to think about.

There is much more to it than that. We encourage customers to read though the rest of this blog to fully understand what is needed.

Home Sitting Basics You May Need

The most import thing is to protect your investment and that is your home. You may have pets and plants and stuff. But the real investment that can make or break you is your home. Many people lock the door and away they go, not thinking about their home until they return from their vacation.

What they may not realize is that their insurance company has specific guidelines about what they require in order to maintain your property insurance. Some require that the home be checked every 48 hour. While others are ok with as long as a week if the water is turned off. If you do not make arrangements for this type of check, then your insurance may be become invalid.  You could suffer a significant loss because they will not pay for your losses.

This point is the most important of all the points we will discuss in this blog. Call your insurance company. Verify what you need to do to maintain your insurance on your home. Then make the appropriate arrangements. Your home sitter should be able to provide a record of visits to substantiate your claims!

Your home sitter should check that there is no water leakage from any source inside the home, that the heat is on and set to the level indicated by the homeowner and that the security of the home has not been jeopardized in any way.

Other Services You May ask of Your Home Sitter

Depending on the time of year, consumers who are leaving their homes may need other services to be performed. These include removal of newspapers from outside, checking the mail, forwarding the mail, watering the plants, flushing toilets once per week, feeding pets, watering plants outdoors, cutting the lawn, clearing snow, over site of other services provided by outside contractors.

These are just a few of the services required by a home sitter which may or may not be included in the price quoted for checking on your home. Consumers can discuss their needs and the home sitting company can help them understand the costs and alternatives they may wish to consider.

We once had a situation where the homeowner really did not want us in the house and did not want to give us a key, but she still needed someone to confirm that the heat was on and then call her if there was a problem. Our solution was for her to place an indoor thermometer on a chair so that it could be seen through the window. This allowed us to confirm that the heat was on, check security and confirm that all was ok for her and her home while she was away

What to Look for from a Home Sitter

Your most cherished possession is your home and no one wants a stranger in the home while they are away. Yet our insurance company wants a check completed on a schedule to maintain your home insurance.

Our recommendation is to deal with professional companies who act in a professional manner. For example, every time you hire a home sitter, there should be a contract. Both parties should sign as an agreement.

There should also be a detailed list of what needs to be checked and not checked. Many times we get the response. “Oh I did not think of that”! Go through a detailed checklist and noting the specifics of what will be done by the home sitter. Both the customer and the home sitter will have an excellent understanding of what services are being provided.

Finally there should also be a report that states dates and times your home was entered and checked, along with the services provided. Many companies can also send an email every time that the home is entered and checked. This is really about peace of mind knowing that your home is in good hands.

Always have a Contract

In summary, always have a contract. It should contain a detailed list of when, were and what will be provided by the service provider. If you would like to learn more about our services in Ottawa, Ontario, feel free to click on the link Ottawa Home Sitters.  You can also go to our home site were you can learn much more about Home security and steps you can take to protect your home while you are away on business or vacation. Home security systems, cameras, home sitting, neighborhood watch and much more. Visit our site today to learn about passive steps you can take to make your home less attractive to burglars. You can also learn how to protect your investment from the ravages of water damage.

GCCI Services

Web Site DesignGCCI provides a number of services for customers in many different industries including Web Site Design :

  • Program  Project Management
  • Business Plan development
  • Sales & Operations Re-engineering & Support
  • Strategic and Operational Planning
  • Operations Management and Implementation
  • Technology Selection and Evaluation
  • Contract Manufacturing Management
  • Budgeting and Financial Reporting
  • Web Site Design, SEO- Search Engine Optimization

We have listed a variety of services below in more detail. You can contact us to discuss these services by sending us an email. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Project Management

Complex projects require disciplined management. Scheduling project meetings, and change management requests, delivered on time and on a budget are a must for all customers. Let us help you scope your project. In addition, implement and launch your product or service. Please email us to discuss details for our project management services.

Request for Proposal Preparation begins with defining your company’s needs and business plans. Subsequently, turn this business direction into a series of detailed projects. In addition, select and manage vendors who have the best products and services. Detailing your requirements is the first step toward a successful project. Next obtaining valuable and complete responses is next. For instance, a professional RFP will challenge vendors to provide a better response. Please email us to discuss details for RFP or RFQ services. Complete documents prepared including financials, cover letter, and documentation.

Preparing RFP Responses Completing a response to a detailed RFP is extremely important to ensure the accuracy of your offer as well as meeting the requirements as outlined in the RFP. The process of collecting the information and packaging it into a professional company response is incredibly important to the success of your bid. Subsequently, deal with questions and provide detailed responses. Please email us to discuss details for our RFP response services. Complete documents prepared including financials, cover letter, and documentation.

Business Plans It is surprising how many businesses, large and small do not have a business plan to guide them as they evolve and prosper. The process of preparing a business plan is more important than the final product. Subsequently, modify the business plan as conditions and assumptions change. Please email us to discuss details of our business planning services.


Weekly and monthly newsletters, researched and prepared to cover various topics, Up to 600 words. Also, website references are included if required. We also include specific keywords provided by the buyer. Two revisions are also provided and are usually completed within 3 business days. Email us for a quote for your newsletter. Email:

Document Editing

Professionally formatted edited document( MS Word documents & Powerpoint Presentations). Also with title page, index, header-footer. Rates are based on complexity and the number of pages. Email us to request a quote. Note that no additional content is added. Email:

Professionally formatted document-title page, header-footer, hotlinks added if required in MS Word. Rates vary depending on the material. Our writers have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the fields of nutrition, biology, and engineering.

Web Site Design & Content

Web content pages using keywords provided by the buyer & covering various topics aimed at attracting search engines & surfers to a website. These articles will be SEO optimized. In addition, refer to our portfolio for examples. Prices are based on pages of 450 words. However, prices are negotiable based on the various attributes of the project. One revision is provided. In addition, all articles are cross-checked by Grammarly and Copyscape for spelling, grammar, plagerism, and keyword use before it is sent to you.

In addition, if you are a writer and would like to provide us with SEO articles, please send samples of your work in word format, 450 words long to us. Above all send us your best work. In addition, select a topic that fits with our website content. However, you can also add a link back to your own high-quality content to gain links.

If you are not receiving the traffic to your website that you need, we can help. For example, creating keyword-rich articles, increasing your links and other additional steps can significantly improve your traffic. Which can in turn increase sales. Most importantly we have a number of financial approaches. Hence we include flat rates as well as pay-per-click options that we can discuss with you to facilitate your traffic and sales. Therefore don’t hesitate to contact us.