Retirement is not Just About Money

Retirement is not Just About MoneyRetirement is not just about money, it is much more than that. Yes you need to have sufficient money to keep you living comfortably. But it is also about the type of lifestyle that you want to lead. It can take some getting used to. After all you are giving up your work contacts in many cases and losing that daily interaction you received from going into work. Many retirees are looking for the right balance to enable them to enjoy their new retirement lifestyle. They turn to other endeavors to gain what they need to fill their days, to find satisfaction out of their life and to pass the time. Here are a few examples of what retirees are considering. Usually the first 6 months is no problem. After that, boredom sets in unless you do something about it.

Retirement is not Just About Money

Social Butterflies – These folks spend a lot of time with friends in each others houses, going to social events and spending time with each other.

Community Minded – Volunteering at a local charity, helping at events and getting involved in the community provide a great deal of social interaction as well as contributing to a feeling of self-worth.

Mall Walkers – Exercise might be on their mind, but they also meet friends at the mall and combine exercise with social interaction in a pleasant environment.

Still Working – Some go back to work in different industries or even the same industry. They might need the money, but many miss the interaction with colleagues and this gives them a chance to get out each day to meet friends, colleagues and the public.

Sports – Now you have more time to follow the sports you never had time for in the past. Golf, hiking, bicycling etc

Snow Birds – Yes they go south for the winter, but what do you do when you get there. Basically the same things as mentioned above. They pursue the same activities in warmer climates.

Family – For some this is a huge issue. Babysitting the grand kids, spending time with family, supporting someone who needs a lot of help.

Happiest – The most satisfied people appear to be the ones that have social involvement with others regardless of how they obtain the interaction with others. For many it is a combination of all of the above and you will live longer by interacting with others.

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