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enjoy-retired-lifeEnjoy Retired Life? There are many studies that have been completed to try to figure out what helps to keep retired people happy and be able to enjoy retired life. After you boil away all of the words and statistics there seems to be several things that seem to emerge as key elements to enjoying retired life. These include and we must say here that they are not in any particular order:

  • Having sufficient money for your desired lifestyle
  • Matching your lifestyle with what really interest you
  • Being close to a supportive and loving family
  • Enjoying close friends and family
  • Having an active life in terms of social as well as activity
  • Having a rough plan that evolves with retirement

These are pretty general items and some people may rank some higher than others. Again the list above is not ranked because each of these items will have a different level of importance for each person. One couple we know has different views between them. The grandmother just wants to stick around home and see her children and grand children every week. she cannot get enough of them and does not want to go on trips. Her spouse on the other hand, loves his kids and grand kids, but wants to go on trips and travel a bit. He enjoys his family but occasionally wants a break. They will need to work this out between then and find a solution that works for them.

Concerns about Retired Life

It is only natural to have concerns about retirement. Most people are concerned about retirement however, it’s important to understand this is likely the fear of the unknown, which can often be an unfounded fear.

The best approach to deal with concerns is to talk about them with people who can assist you with these concerns. Whether it is a family member or a financial adviser discuss your concerns and develop a plan to deal with these concerns. Quickly the unknown will become known and you can approach retirement with confidence.

Regrets about Retired Life

When it comes to regrets, many people have regrets and these regrets manifest themselves as you get closer to retirement. If you are young and reading this post, now is the time to give some thought to these issues and do something about them to avoid them as you get older. If you are retiring now, why not address some of these issues as best you can to improve your retirement and enjoy it more.

Some regrets among retirees include:

  • Not taking better care of themselves;
  • Not starting to save earlier for retirement; and
  • Not traveling enough
  • The main regret of pre-retirees was not starting to save earlier for retirement .

Successful Attributes about Retired Life

The vast majority of retirees who say they are having a successful retirement indicate the following are very important to that success:

  • Biggest secret to retirement success being realistic expectations
  • Having saved enough money
  • Good planning ; and
  • Staying involved with people.

Having a realistic plan about retirement is tough to do. Usually there is a spouse involved. Both parties must face retirement together with similar plans. Other wise you risk disagreement and conflict that will get in the way of your retirement success.

Being retired, we can say that all of these ideas are excellent and something that we all should pay attention to. There is one more which we alluded to in the previous paragraph. That is excellent communication with your spouse. Which leads to shared goals and realistic objectives with your spouse. Sometimes you just need to talk things out and work them out until you find a solution that works for them.

We appreciate your comments and ideas about this post and retirement in general. Our readers will appreciate the suggestions and help that your comments provide.


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