Coping With a Change in Employment

Coping With a Change in EmploymentDealing with a layoff, downsizing, right-sizing or just plain being fired is a stressful time for most people. How you cope with a change in employment will affect you and your family. It will also affect how your job search will go for the next job. There will be many challenges Coping With a Change in Employment

There are many emotions at play here and some of them are just plain difficult to deal with. You may be embarrassed at being let go. You may be mad at being laid off and maybe sad or depressed. Your not sure where the next job is going to come from. All of these emotions are at play at the same time. They all add up to a stressful situation. It is perfectly normal to have these emotions. Your family may be going through some of the same emotions on your behalf. They lack information about your plans, why you were laid off and how the family will be able to afford to live without your income.

This is where you have to take the lead and communicate with them. Confidence will go a long way to making them feel better and also being more supportive which in turn will also help you as well. Dealing with a negative work situation and a negative family is sometimes too much to take. be positive and encourage all of your family to be positive as well. This alone will help everyone deal with the situation at hand and also help in the quest for another job.

Coping With a Change in Employment

Men identify themselves through work and if they lose their jobs that identity is sometimes lost unless a new job is found quickly. It is important to also have extracurricular things that are part of your persona to fall back on. Whether it is hobbies or volunteering, that part of your life should not change.

Stages of Excepting Employment Changes

Many people go through several transitional phases before they can really focus on looking for that new position in an effective way. They are:

  • Shock at being laid off
  • Anger at being laid off
  • Depressed that they were laid off
  • Refocus on the positive things about changing jobs

The good news is that once we reach the final phase, we are ready to actually look for a new job. We are adding up the benefits we can bring to a new employer. This includes the value that we can bring to the job and also realizing that this transition is in most cases a blessing in disguise. We can look forward to changing and new challenges. This is the best time to look for a new position. Try to move through the first 3 phases quickly and so you can focus on the positive for your job search.

It is also an opportunity to make that career change that you always had in the back of your mind, but never acted on. Part of coping with a change in employment is realizing that now you have the opportunity to make the changes that you always wanted to.

They say that you should work as hard at finding a job as you did at your job and this is true. Spend 35 hours a week improving your skills, networking and talking with contacts to find jobs that are available. Chat with people who may be able to guide you. In addition, spend time training to learn the latest job search skills.

How do You begin a Job Search

  • Summarize your strengths and how you do your best work. Identify past successes, current strengths; overall work style and personal preferences.
  • Clarify your objectives and prepare a dynamic presentation.
  • Plan how you marketing campaign
  • Building a network of negotiating skills.
  • Be thorough and persistent

Network with like minded individuals, people you trust and value their comments. Test your marketing campaign and networking skills and by all means, keep up with your contacts. Let them know what you are looking for and what you are looking for. This is by far the best way to find out if a job exists. Avoid alienating your colleagues by asking them for a jo. Instead, ask them to let you know if they hear of a position that may be available.



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  1. Daniel

    take control of your situation and make your own changes before they do it for you. find a job before they lay you off, so you walk from one to another with no time off. best way to keep money coming in.

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