BREXIT Impact on Retirement Portfolios

BREXIT Impact on Retirement PortfoliosEveryone is wondering what the long-term BREXIT Impact on Retirement Portfolios will be. Markets were down significantly and then rebounded again. In effect, in the short term, there has been little impact on portfolios so far. But what will the long-term impact be on your retirement nest egg? If anyone tries to tell you they know, don’t believe them. They just cannot predict what will happen in the future. There are so many financial decisions that will be made by governments over the next couple of years, that no one knows. It will take them several years to unwind the UK’s involvement in the EU. So what should an investor do in the meantime?

BREXIT Impact on Retirement Portfolios – Long Term

The bottom line, if you have a well-diversified strategy in quality investments stick to your plan. Adjust as you would normally be based on your plan and do not make any sudden or emotional changes.

There will be many more equivalent volatile events over the next few years. Investing for the long term means you need to be prepared for this volatility and invest accordingly. If you had spare cash available, you have already missed the window to take advantage of the downturn.

Timing the market is almost impossible for the average investor. Most people are far better off investing for the long term in blue chip dividend-paying stocks across a diversified set of companies.

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