Boomers fueling Self Driving Car Interest

Boomers fueling Self Driving Car InterestImagine that you have just turned 80 and are about to lose your driver’s license. Or perhaps you have lost your confidence to drive around the city. Would a self driving car be of interest to you in this situation. Boomers are retiring by the thousands and they are aging as well. It turns out that the market futurists feel that Boomers fueling Self Driving Car Interest is the next big thing. It makes sense. If these cars can actually drive around the city, take you to your destination and find a place to park, what a release of freedom it will be for many that must give up driving a car.

Boomers fueling Self Driving Car Interest – Taxi’s

But they can take taxis. They do not have to take their own cars. They also do not have to worry about buying a car or paying for insurance. Still taking a taxi everywhere can get expensive, especially if the trips are across town or even longer.

A self driving car can provide the freedom for many consumers who are losing their license or just do not feel confident about driving. All you need to do is to get in your car, give voice commands regarding where you want to go and your off. How easy would that be. No more navigation issues, following a map or a GPS. Sit back and relax while the car does all of the work.

It will be a few years yet before we see a lot of these self driving cars on the road, but we think by 2020, when a lot of baby boomers will be facing driving issues, these cars will be on the road. Governments will work out the legalities, insurance companies will work out the liability associated with accidents etc. The technology will not be perfect, but with experience, accident investigations etc, it will improve significantly.

I cannot wait to try one of these self driving cars myself. How about You?

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