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Biking in Palm Springs

July 1st, 2014 ernie Posted in Bike Trails No Comments »

Biking in Palm SpringsWhether you are biking in Palm Springs or hiking, enthusiasts are urged to carry proper equipment for any outdoor excursion. Proper preparedness includes a well thought-out travel plan shared with friends and family, as well as familiarity with common hiking equipment, such as GPS, maps and compasses, proper clothing and plenty of water. This may sound like it is too much, however every month someone needs to be rescued because they did not adequately prepare for their trip whether it is hiking or biking in Palm Springs.  Riverside Mountain Rescue Unit offers several helpful, lifesaving tips at their website.

Biking in Palm Springs – City vs Desert Biking

Let’s face it if you are biking inside the city, there are lots of places to stop and purchase water, get out of the sun etc, so really the only thing to be concerned about is becoming dehydrated and dealing with the consequences. There will always be someone around to help you. Same with a flat tire etc.

But if you head out into the desert, were there are no facilities, no water etc, then it is a much different situation if you become lost, you run out of water or you need bike repairs which you cannot deal with yourself. We have seen many bikers on hiking trails for example, without any water or gear to complete repairs if needed. Always travel with a friend, bring water and tell someone where you are going to give yourself a chance of surviving in the desert heat!

Biking in Palm Springs – Dealing with Flat Tires

Every month, I have at least two flat tires. My tires pick up thorns from various trees and shrubs. I end up stranded somewhere and need to repair my tire. I carry extra tubes with me at all times. Also a tire repair kit just to be able to deal with the flat tire on the spot and quickly. They do not weigh much and they do not take a lot of space. But when you have a flat tire, these tire repair kits are very much appreciated.

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Prescott Russell bike trail

August 25th, 2011 ernie Posted in Bike Trails 1 Comment »

These are pictures of the bike trail that runs from Ottawa to Rigaud , Quebec along the old Via rail line that has been disbanded since 1968.

Prescott Russell bike trail This picture on the right is on the Prescott Russell bike trail near Hammond Ontario.  The trail runs from Anderson road in the west to the Quebec Border and on to at least Rigaud, Quebec.

Prescott Russell bike trail

I have traveled from Anderson road along this trail to as far as Bourget. The trail is well maintained with crushed stone all the way to Bourget. Once you get to Bourget, there is a short section that is paved for approximately one KM as you travel through Bourget. This is the first location at Hammond that has a gazebo and a picnic table to stop at for lunch or a snack.

The trail is wide enough for two riders to ride side by side quite comfortably. There are not a lot of people on the trail so it is a very peaceful ride through the country side without needing to worry about traffic.

Other Riders

There have been a few other riders and several people on horses. Beyond Bourget I have been told that the trail is a bit rougher, but find for a mountain bike with wide knobby tires. This is pretty typical of what the trail looks like with crushed stone. It is easy to ride on and well maintained

The third picture shown here is looking west along the trail. .

As you can see there are gates at each road crossing to prevent motorized vehicles from going on the trail. The opening is just large enough for riders to squeeze through.

Winter Time Trail use

In the winter time this same trail is used by snowmobilers and cross country skiers. These gates are at each road crossing to provide safety for all riders. There is also a small gazebos at Bourget as well to sit for a bit. There are porta poties at these locations as well.
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